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Are YOU really aware?

“If we are too busy, if we are carried away every day by our projects, our uncertainty, our craving, how can we have the time to stop and look deeply into the situation – our own situation, the situation of our beloved one, the situation of our family and of our community, and the situation of our nation and of the other nations?”   Thich Nhat Hanh

Are YOU really aware of life and all that it offers? Do you ever step back and look at things from a different perspective? Do you ever observe the things you do and question why you are doing these things? True awareness is being able to observe and understand life as an impartial viewer. Awareness may be a strange concept to the uninitiated; those who have been running on the treadmill of life may not comprehend such a concept as awareness. Put briefly, awareness is simply the ability to perceive, feel or to be conscious of events and circumstances that impact our lives.

Let’s look at the different levels of awareness we encounter in our daily lives. Firstly, there is the physical world in which we live. Things like the house we live in and all that goes with it; furniture, lighting, carpets and all the collectables we have accumulated. Then outside your residence there is another layer of the environment in which you live. This includes our neighbours, the  neighbourhood and the surrounding area in which we live. Further afield there is the environment that we know is there but cannot see. Then added to this we have nature and all those things we take for granted on a daily basis, like air, water, the biosphere, wind, rain, light, temperature, humidity and a multitude of animals and plant species. For most of us, not all, we are trapped in our own world making sure that everything runs smoothly and our lives tick along. Our awareness only extends to our immediate life.

For the most part, awareness of our physical world is about being in the moment and experiencing the now. It is not about being on auto pilot and doing things out of habit. Buddhist and Zen masters spend many years focusing and practicing specific activities to help build present moment awareness. You can practice too. It is really quite simple. Every time you do something, be aware of what you are doing. Let’s say you are washing up the dishes by hand after the evening meal. Practice being completely aware of what you are doing. Feel the temperature of the water, feel the weight of the dishes, the texture and the action of the water as you scrub the dishes with your hands.

A famous Zen fable highlights this present moment awareness. The student asks the master “what is enlightenment?” the master responds, “wash up your dish”. We take this simple exercise of washing the dishes for granted. We are on auto pilot and just going through the motions, doing things mechanically. Yet this simple exercise shows us that so many of the things we do in life end up becoming mechanical. Our entire existence can become mechanical if we let it. We just cruise through life on auto pilot. We have to re-engage with life and experience life and all it has to offer by being in the moment and enjoying the process. We can find happiness and joy in doing almost anything, even in something that seems mundane. The pleasure can be found in the awareness of doing and witnessing each moment for what it is, at its simplest level.

Article by Andrew Martin taken from his book One ~ A Survival Guide for the Future…


A Simple Piece of Advice

the-self-who-is-speaking-the-entombed-soul-the-spirit-driven-in-in-virginia-woolf-355477This is a very simple exercise in stopping that voice that dictates to you day and night.

For those who wish to move beyond the ego, you might want to give this a try.

From Michael Jeffreys:

Have you ever asked your internal voice, “Who is Speaking?” And then waited for the answer?

We habitually, automatically, and robotically  believe the thoughts in our head without question… yet, have you ever inquired to see WHOSE Voice is actually speaking? Who or what, exactly, is saying all those things in your head virtually 24/7?

If the voice declares, “It’s me, it’s my voice!” don’t fall for it. Saying, “It’s me” doesn’t give you any information. Okay than, who is this “me”??

Few will actually take the time to investigate this deeply, perhaps because knowing unconsciously this would expose the egoic identity for what it is and so, for whatever reason, they prefer, for the time being, to continue on in the dream with “business as usual.” But for those few who feel this burning desire for Freedom, the next time the internal voice speaks, they will ask themselves, “Who is Speaking?” and then sit silently, for as long as it takes, until the answer reveals itself from within.

– Michael Jeffreys

Methods for Working on Consciousness

DesertDog1I always find that walking the dog is a great time to try to practice some of these methods. It makes the time and distance go by rapidly while helping me to center within.

This post is from Waking Times and was written by Brandon West.  I hope you find it useful too.



Consciousness evolution is the process of becoming universal consciousness. In order to do so, all that we need to do is simply open up a channel within us so that universal consciousness can flow through us uninhibited, because our highest self, the highest level of our consciousness is universal consciousness.

This is the process of consciousness evolution and it is a completely natural process, indeed one that each one of us will go through at one point or another. It is guaranteed.

We have two aspects to our being. We have a radiative aspect which is always changing: our thoughts and emotions; and we have an observing awareness which is collapsing towards singularity where we are one and connected with the rest of the universe, all beings, and where we are united with our source of all-possibility: pure consciousness. Awakening consciously to the former is the path of consciousness evolution.

Our thoughts radiate from the event horizon of our being which is the boundary between thought and silent awareness. Yet there is a lens which determines how the pure energy of consciousness expresses itself through us in our thoughts and emotions which directly manifests in our lives and in our bodies.

That lens is belief.

Imagine belief as a lens much like the negatives on a roll of film which creates an image on a screen when light shines through. When you change the negative, when you change the belief, the image on the screen changes. Your body and your life is a three-dimensional hologram defined by your beliefs, and our society is the collective holographic image we have co-created with one another and with the Earth hologram we call nature, within a greater hologram we call our solar system, our galaxy, our universe, and so on to infinity.

And yet the most important thing to remember is not that your belief determines your hologram, but that if your belief system was out of the way altogether then pure consciousness which is energy of the highest vibration – love – would radiate from yours being and express perfection and abundance everywhere in your life. Not if your belief system was changed, but if your belief system was abolished. And that is where thought and meditation comes it.

Thought is a natural part of yourself, so there is no reason for you to feel the need to stop thinking altogether. We just have to learn how to think consciously. However, it is important to periodically strive for (and eventually achieve) inner silence in order to open ourselves up so that our thoughts, emotions, and actions can channel through us unadulterated from a higher level of consciousness within.

All beings are expressions of the universe, God-in-action, but the reason why we have murderers, rapists, imperfection of any kind, and sleeping people of varying degrees is not because some people are inherently good or bad, compassionate or evil. There is no such thing.

The reason we see negativity is because there is so much distortion in the high-vibration energy from the lens of our beliefs and the chaos created by unconscious thinking. The natural high energy of consciousness ends up being distorted and misdirected by so many different limiting beliefs and negative habits, thoughts, and behaviors that it ends up being expressed in harmful ways. Either harmful in an expressive way towards another human being (or yourself), or it is repressed and internalized and it manifests itself as disease in the body.

Therefore peace in the world and health in the body both stem from inner peace and inner silence: clearing out the clutter within ourselves.

I know in my heart that everyone can change if they want to. It is just a matter of cleaning out the programming.

Three Steps to Consciousness Evolution

These three steps are the most essential steps in order to raise your level of consciousness, cultivate personal mastery, and thus engage in the process of consciousness evolution.

1. Live on the Event Horizon between Thought and Silence

“Be mindful of your self-talk; it’s a conversation with the universe.” – Unknown

In order to live consciously and to think consciously, we must live on the border between thought and silence. Only then are we in the best possible position to be truly self-aware and to manifest because this is the only position where we can follow Deepak Chopra’s succinct process of manifestation: “Slip into the gap, have the desire, detach from the outcome, and let the universe take care of the details.”

Only from this place can we manifest, and only from this place can we be truly vigilant over our perceptual state. When we live in this space we can easily see not only the perceptual pattern we are living from, and change it if we desire, but we can also feel clearly how spirit is moving us, and what we are being guided to do by the unified field of pure consciousness.

Silence is the yin aspect of our awareness, and thought is the yang. When we live right on the border, but deeply centered in silence with a greater tendency to submerge ourselves in infinite divine consciousness than to radiate too far and become lost in the world of things, then we will learn how to live with true power and potency because from this perceptual position our thoughts emanate directly from the highest aspect of ourselves without being distorted by our thoughts and beliefs.

Our actions from this place are aligned with our highest potential, our thoughts are pure and our emotions are of a high frequency. When we live on the event horizon between thought and silence, then we flow from our highest self and there is an immediate feedback of creation between the two infinities of the universe.

2. Let Go and Surrender to the Universe

Letting go and surrendering is not laziness and apathy. It is the process of learning how to live from a place more aligned with the highest aspects of ourselves.

Everything we have ever done, and every experience we have had is leading to our consciousness evolution. It has meaning. If we shift our perspective from being a victim of our experiences to being the recipient of a cosmic education and co-creator of our destiny, which ultimately is consciousness evolution, then we can start to tap into who we really are.

Letting go and surrendering is not laziness, and it is not giving up. It is simply centering yourself in the awareness that your dreams and all of your purest desires will unfold naturally as an expression of who you are, if you discipline yourself to get out of your own way. It is a shift to the awareness that you already are complete, and that all you need to do every day is exactly what you are inspired to do, what you’d love to do, and what makes you happy in this moment. That is the difference.

Wayne Dyer explained the shift to letting go and surrendering to the universe best when he said: “Listen to your intuitive inner voice and find what passion stirs your soul. When you do this, you’re also tapping into another face of intention: love. If you’re doing what you love and loving what you do—whatever it is—you make a living at it!”

Letting go and surrendering is a process of getting your ego out of the way so that your higher consciousness can work through you.

3. Live Without Desires, but by Divine Inspiration

Instead of living from low-level desires such as earning lots of money, achieving fame, recognition, or even respect, try living more aligned to universal principles (and thus universally aligned desires) by cultivating a deep desire to serve the consciousness evolution of humanity, to live your highest potential, and to create as fearlessly and as ego-lessly as you can. This is what I mean by living by divine inspiration.

When we can live consistently in this fashion, every one of our needs and desires will be taken care automatically.

Living by divine inspiration means to focus all of your energy on your love, and the creative self-expression that is your purpose in life, and to let the universe handle the details. We have been trained to care about the outcome of our efforts through school and society in general. We have been conditioned to seek success. But humans are far too powerful to waste their time with such low level activities.

When we focus all of our energy delving into the depths of ourselves, tapping into the universe through our inner connecting link, and then expressing the truth, love, power, inspiration and creativity that we find, then the universe will take care of the rest. The more we try and force the world to do our bidding, the poorer the results and the more frustrated we become.

If we instead focus all of our energy on living from inspiration and the boundary between thought and silence, and the deeper we submerge ourselves in that inner silence which is the cosmic ocean of pure energy/information, the brighter and more radiant and powerful we become. When we live from this space we have true power, and the universe responds.

The more that we align with our universal source, the more we become our universal source. This is the process of consciousness evolution.


The result of living a life aligned with these three principles and practices is that we enter into a world of magic; a brand new world and perception of reality that we achieve by disconnecting ourselves from the matrix which exists only in our thoughts. The perceptual matrix of our society is at a low level of consciousness, and the only way we can get out of it is by thinking from a brand new place within us and living from a new awareness.

In order to live from a higher level of consciousness we must stop taking orders from lower levels of consciousness, our minds. This is not an event but a process. And while there will most definitely be spontaneous shifts, or quantum moments, know that all your previous actions and work accumulate to make these quantum shifts occur.

The universe is speaking to each one of us individually and is seeking to express itself through each one of us because we are the universe … except we are resisting this aspect of ourselves and pretending to be small, limited, insignificant, and powerless. The universe is consciousness and we are consciousness, thus we must be like what we came from. There is no division. When we can continually center ourselves in silence, and learn to let go and allow ourselves to be guided by that silence, a miraculous shift will occur in our lives…

We will cease to desire from the ego. Recognition will become unimportant. Success will not be the greatest pull on our attention. Instead we will discover a magical connection within us where there is a flow of information, creativity, and knowledge, and by tapping into this flow, we will create and discover beyond our wildest dreams.

Tapping into this flow consciously will release the dam created by our minds so that the universal force, the Tao, or God, can flow through us like a mighty river, and this new energy will be of such a vibration as to radically transform our perception of reality. And we will live “in a great and wonderful world,” where “dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you will discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be,” as the great Sage Patanjali expressed so beautifully.

This is the potential within each one of us. The limitations of any individuals are in direct relationship to the degree to which they live from their mind. For as soon as we discover silence, all barriers disappear, and the universe speaks through each and every one of us equally.


About the Author

 West is the creator of Project Global Awakening. A website dedicated to the research of a variety of scientific and spiritual disciplines, and applying that knowledge to help you live an inspired life and change the world. Follow Project Global Awakening on Facebook, and Twitter.


What Causes My Suffering?

This might well be something to chew on for a few minutes today.

From Michael Jeffrey’s blog:

What’s true is always what’s happening, not the story about what SHOULD be happening. ~Byron Katie

“Sally should call me more often.”

Q: Is the source of my suffering Sally not calling me, or is it believing the thought, “Sally SHOULD call me more often.”?

As Byron Katie says, when we believe our thoughts we suffer. Why? Because we are mistaking a mind manufactured belief, a temporary appearance, for the Truth. What’s the difference? One never changes because it’s what I AM, and the other never stops changing showing me that it’s what I AM not.

~Michael Jeffreys


Some Thoughts on Thoughts

U-are-not-ur-thoughtsI’ve been finding Michael Jeffreys helpful the last few weeks. You can find him generally on Facebook. He writes for Collective-Evolution now and then.

It’s not that he tells me anything particularly new, it’s more that he has a way of explaining that makes good sense and makes for clarity.

In matters of the Spirit, clarity is essential.

We know that our thoughts are now who we are. They are what we hold on to and ultimately they define “us” by our choice. But they are not us. Knowing that, we can do something about it.

I hope you find this article useful.

From Collective-Evolution:


My thoughts are driving me crazy!” “If only I could unplug my mind, I would be happy.” Because our thoughts often overwhelm, confuse, frustrate and even seem to torture us, there are times we wish the mind had an OFF button. That if we could somehow turn “the noise machine in the head” off, we would have peace.

However, what the great sages and mystics have repeatedly told us throughout history is that the solution lies NOT in trying to get rid of our thoughts, but rather in stopping our habitual and robotic tendency to identify with them. This alone, says the great Indian Advaita master Nisargadatta, is what is responsible for our suffering:

“To myself, I am neither perceivable nor conceivable; there is nothing I can point out and say: ‘this I am.’ You identify yourself with everything so easily; I find it impossible. The feeling ‘I am not this or that, nor is anything mine’ is so strong in me that as soon as a thing or a thought appears, there comes at once the sense ‘this I am not.’” – Nisargadatta Maharaj

So, it turns out that it’s not the thought itself that is the cause of our unhappiness, but that we IDENTIFY with it. To identify with something means that you are claiming that IT is YOU. For example, like your picture on your passport or drivers license.

“Our self image is not stable, not reliable because it’s always changing.” – Mooji

However, no matter how good (or bad) the picture is, is it ever actually YOU? Are you literally that photo? No, you are not.

Likewise, your THOUGHTS are never the real YOU. Why? Because thoughts come and go, but you are always present. YOU are aware of thoughts, thoughts are not aware of you, or as Mooji says, “Thoughts report to you, you don’t report to thoughts.”

This is why believing our thoughts leads to suffering; because we are putting our attention/identity on a temporary and fleeting mental appearance. Because thoughts are inherently unstable, we feel unstable when we identify with them.

Staying Home

So what’s the alternative? Here it is: Stay home. Don’t leave your center. Don’t move. Be still. Let your attention merge into the silence. Zero point. Note that since you already are pure Consciousness, there can be no talk of becoming it. And since you already are it, there can be no talk of going somewhere to get it. There can only be the clear seeing, clear recognition of the light of Consciousness that is effortlessly aware of these words, but is not dependent on them in order to exist.

Simply put, thoughts need YOU to exist, but you do not need them. Therefore in order for them to become a full blown belief, they need your cooperation. Or more specifically, your energy. Why? Because they get the energy to become a belief from the only power source available: your ATTENTION! Stop giving your thoughts power (via your attention/interest) and what happens? Like a fan that is unplugged, the blades start to slow down and will eventually stop.

The thing is you can’t fake it. If you are still believing your thoughts, and thus suffering, it’s because you are interested in them at some level. Remember, we have been believing them for decades, so be patient with yourself; it can take a while for thoughts to lose their allure, their stickiness.

“I am not an object in Consciousness but its source, its Witness, pure shapeless Awareness.” –Nisargadatta Maharaj

I know from my own experience, as well as from talking with the people that come to my Santa Monica Eckhart Tolle meetup twice a month, that it is not easy to let go of our “personal” identity. After all, it’s all we’ve ever known for our entire lives. However, that’s exactly the point: it’s what you know, but it’s not what you ARE.

Many people sincerely desire freedom, but a part of them is afraid to completely let the silence have them. They imagine life will be boring or they will just sit on the couch eating junk food and watching TV all day. However, this story is just the mind’s feeble attempt to keep itself employed. The truth is the mind has no idea what it’s like to awaken for the simple reason that the present moment is timeless and thoughts take time. Thus, a thought can never awaken.

In a way, you are teaching your mind that it is okay to rest and that you will call on it if you require its services. Again, the mind is useful for practical and survival issues, but it makes a lousy boss. As Eckhart says, “The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.”

Why is it so hard to detach from our thoughts? Because we mistake them for who/what we are. It is how a parasite exists in nature. It tricks the host into thinking that it is part of itself, and so no alarm bells go off. If you think something is you than you simply accept it and the matter is closed.

But what we forget is that thoughts are made of language. And language must be learned—and learning takes time. And so, for the first few months of your existence, you had no awareness of thoughts and yet you existed perfectly well! This can mean only one thing:


However, simply agreeing with this statement doesn’t alleviate suffering. Why? Because the understanding is still intellectual, still conceptual. It must be seen directly, for oneself, in one’s own experience for the understanding to penetrate into one’s being and to be lived.

Final Thoughts

When we believe our thoughts we suffer. Peace happens spontaneously when the addiction to identifying with one’s thoughts is broken. When this happens, it can be discovered that Life does not need you to identify with thoughts in order for Life to function. In fact, the good news is that Existence functions even better without “you” in the way! In a way, the “I” is what blocks the natural flow and harmony of Life. In other words, the less “you” the more love.

Question Everything

We go through life accepting so much as given. Yet it is perhaps not at all.

We will never know unless we actually grapple with it.

In the end, what you believe must be what resonates in your soul as being truth.

The minute you start the phrase, “God works in mysterious ways,” you are heading down the road to lazy acceptance rather than adult thinking.

walt Whitman

Aids in Breaking Free of Negative Thoughts and Feelings

Taken from Collective-Evolution and  Robert “Gandalf” Sindalar

“Take a moment, if you can, and get back to nature. The beauty of it aside, nature itself is a form of a “healing center.” Find a beautiful spot, away from being disturbed by other people. Then close your eyes, sit, and focus on your breathing. Then meditate on the following: You are not your emotions, so when you have a negative thought, try to change your language from “I am…sad, depressed, etc.” to “I notice that there is sadness or depression in my thoughts.” Simply by changing the language of your speech and thoughts disidentifying yourself from your emotions and thoughts, you consciousness will begin to shift away from them. Then you might begin asking the question, “Who is this me that is observing this emotion?” and “What am I supposed to learn through this part of my experience?”

Choose one thing that appears to happen randomly that when it does it makes you smile or you appreciate it in someway. (For example: I love it when a leaf falls from a tree and spins towards the ground like a pinwheel in front of me as I walk) Then set the intention that whenever that happens, that is the universe smiling at me and telling me how amazing that moment truly is and that it is conspiring to love you. As you practice this, you will notice a transition from intending it to naturally being filled with the awe and joy of life. When this transition happens, choose another seemingly random event to add to your conscious toolbox, then another, and then another, until the moments that appear insignificant become significantly profound in beauty become so frequent that they approach covering your entire interaction with your waking life. If this eventually happens, then you will know that moment as nirvana.”