Question Everything

We go through life accepting so much as given. Yet it is perhaps not at all.

We will never know unless we actually grapple with it.

In the end, what you believe must be what resonates in your soul as being truth.

The minute you start the phrase, “God works in mysterious ways,” you are heading down the road to lazy acceptance rather than adult thinking.

walt Whitman


One thought on “Question Everything

  1. So true, Sherry. I am now 81 yrs. old and have been doing that for over 30 years, beginning with an intensive study of Scripture, followed by research on RCC documents back to the church fathers. Then I took a good hard look at what today’s Christian Church hierarchy was preaching and what they were actually doing to ease the world’s suffering, including decisions and attitudes they taught and practiced regarding human sexuality, racism, wars, distribution of wealth — all those issues that have caused pain and suffering (not to mention burdens and confusion) to believers and unbelievers alike. What I found in my search was abject hypocrisy permeating the entire system — in direct contrast to Jesus’ teachings.

    I like what I have read on your new blog. It is obviously a continuation of your personal quest for truth, a search for “the more” that is “out there” waiting to be discovered and internalized within the soul. I believe that God fully intends that we use whatever intelligence we have to seek, to answer questions that don’t fit our understanding as we perceive them. Isn’t that how the word ‘theology’ is essentially defined:
    “faith seeking understanding?” A measuring rod that I use sometimes when I’m not sure if something is valid is one that has been around for some time: “You will know them [it] by their [its] fruits.”

    The concept of the Cosmic Christ is new to most lay Christians. I first learned of it from reading Fr. Richard Rohr’s works. I view it as a continuation of the Journey we are on and, I think, a natural progression to understanding the totality and existence of the Trinity from the very beginning of the Creation event.

    We do have to be careful, though, that we do not get influenced by the false tenets associated with secular humanism, relativism, syncretism, New Age, and all of the other ‘isms’ that are so prevalent in our society that is constantly seeking ‘meaning to life.’ They can be very seductive and clever in their rationale and their appeal. The closer we get to the truth and unity with our Beloved Savior the more we will be attacked by satanic forces.

    Continue to stretch your mind, my sister in faith and may God be traveling beside you as you do so.

    P.S. I think I’m going to have a t-shirt printed with “Who am I to judge?” (per Pope Francis I)

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